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This is a guest post from a very special and good friend of mine, Myndi Orr, author of “Don’t Waste Your Pain.” She has selflessly come alongside me and has walked with me from the beginning of my injury. She is a woman of great faith and courage who, by God’s help, has fought her own battle of pain and suffering for 14 years now. Her book is an excellent book and must-read for anyone dealing with pain and suffering or beginning that journey. Please purchase a copy of “Don’t Waste Your Pain” on Amazon. You can find her on Facebook at @DontWasteYourPainbyMyndiOrr

You know the statement, “he’s hit rock bottom?” That took on a new meaning tonight for me. Lately, the pain has been even more overwhelming than usual. I have my face pain, (which is hard enough by itself) but I was recently told I had IC (which is bladder pain syndrome) and I also had a recent biopsy for uterine cancer. All the while both my elbows have strained tendons and my foot is still trying to heal from stress fractures. Don’t get me wrong, I have my good days, but sometimes it is just so tiring. I don’t say this for sympathy, rather I know many of you suffer silently in similar ways. It can feel like there’s nothing more we can take. And no one actually sees our pain. I have a friend who lost her husband and three adult children in the last few years while dealing with face pain that leaves her homebound. And I can speak for others going thru so much. Life is not fair. Life is hard. Life hurts. Around us people seem to be prospering, even those who we may feel shouldn’t be. We cry out to God to get us out of this. And at times it can feel like God just isn’t listening to our struggles. We may even be tempted to believe God doesn’t care.

Tonight I read these words from a Christian author, “I have hit rock bottom, and I find that the ROCK is solid.”I don’t know about you but that comment really made me think. Instead of seeing ALL the pain and ALL the trials as if we are drowning under the weight of them, we can look at this with fresh eyes- seeing Christ beneath it all as our Rock! We can be sure He will carry us through. It is in Him we can draw our strength from. By ourselves, we possess no strength. We are weak. Yet when we trust Christ in our hurting and lean on Him as our Rock we can find joy even in our trials. Joy that cannot be explained elsewhere. Lord, help us cling to you, our Rock amidst the storm. If we hold firmly to you and your word we will not be shaken. Help us keep our eyes on you and not our problems. 1 Sam 2:2 “There is no one holy like the Lord; there is no one Besides you; there is no rock like our God.” Psalm 18:2 “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer, my God, my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.” “Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!” Psalm 95:1

myndi orr
Myndi Orr, author of “Don’t Waste Your Pain”

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